Artisans with much passion for their work. Romantic workers in love with your smiles while wearing our creations, which come alive to the rhythm of the music following your steps. Fanatical believers that the “Made in Italy” still makes above all the difference.

This is Tango's.

We offer everything you need for your dancing because the discipline of dance is an art and to have a look made following the rules of art and tailored, makes all the difference! Shoes and clothes from our collections and not only that, also quality accessories and replacements, the result of a careful selection.

The framework is completed by the quality of raw materials Made in Italy, passion, a long experience, tailored footwear and last but not least a great attention to the needs of our customers, to satisfy all through dancing.

Because with us, you DANCE WITH STYLE!

Via Bocchi, 139
55013 Lammari (LU)

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